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About Us

What is the best way for the pipe hobby to flourish & grow? That is the main question we have been asking ourselves as a new business. PIPEHUB is our answer! PIPEHUB is focused on creating a better environment for everyone in the pipe hobby to enjoy buying & selling all things pipes!

We have developed easy to use online & mobile optimized platform allowing the listing of your products in minutes with all transactions secured through PayPal. We are a true Global Marketplace for all things pipes.

What Makes PIPEHUB Really Different?

Lets be honest, this wonderful hobby would not exist without the pipe makers. PipeHub gives the pipe maker a respected environment that helps them flourish both as craftsmen & artisans. We believe financial compensation for their current, & life’s, work is a good way to start towards this goal. 

Greater Earning Potential For Pipe Makers

Pipe makers have the option to earn 70 - 90% of the value of their pipes through PIPEHUB. We also give pipe makers an additional lifetime income stream through our royalty commission system! Every pipe the pipe maker has made, from 10 years ago or yesterday, if it is re-sold on PIPEHUB, the pipe maker gets a 3% royalty commission on the final sale price of the pipe. This is something that should be standard in our hobby. Many pipe makers who see the value of their entire body of work grow through their successful efforts during their career deserve to benefit from their labor each time one of their pipes are sold. Royalties is common practice in the art world, its high time we start taking care of our pipe artists too!

Stopping The Fake Pipe Trade Through Authentication

Guaranteed Pipe Authentication is another unique feature of PIPEHUB. One of the greatest tragedies to ever hit the pipe community is the swarm of counterfeit pipes flooding the market... These fake pipes harm everyone from the pipe makers whose reputation is damaged, the buyers who are robbed of their desired pipe and of their money, and even the community as a whole who doesn't know who to trust and where to buy genuine pipes anymore. Our Pipe Authentication system eliminates those concerns & even gives an additional 1% final sale commission to the authenticating pipe maker for helping put a stop to this tragedy. We hope both buyers & sellers feel more comfortable and secure with this feature in place when buying high grade pipes.

PipeHub Foundation Stands By The Community When Needed

PIPEHUB knows that if it wasn’t for the pipe carvers, none of us could enjoy this hobby. We have set up the PIPEHUB Foundation that will assist pipe makers when times truly get tough and they need our help. Our community often rallies to support each other, PIPEHUB will lead in these community causes.


New pipes, estate pipes, pipe stands, anything & everything related to piping is welcomed on PIPEHUB.

We look forward to serving you! As mentioned, this is our soft launch. We really look forward to your feedback and suggestions on how we can improve things to better serve this wonderful community!

Also, we would love for you to come visit us at PIPEHUB HQ location in Orange County California and enjoy a bowl or two with us in our beautiful smoking lounge. You can also brows around and enjoy shopping for your favorite tobacciana products :)

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