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bondarev Riga, Latvia
Bondarev Pipes
Bondarev Pipes
Bondarev Pipes (Opened on Oct 28, 2016)
I live in Riga, Latvia, and make pipes since 2011. I've made about 280 pipe seven years. For my pipes I use only MIMMO briar: Romeo MIMMO is really the best briar supplier. His briar is always well cooked, dry, and very-very tasty. For stems I use German ebonite or rarely acrylic. I am sure the most important thing in a pipe is the engineering. From this side my pipes are always absolutely perfect: 1. Accurate drilling 2. Wide and deep V-slot in the stem 3. Sanded shank bore and polished stem bore 4. No space under the tenon in the mortise 5. A pipe cleaner is well passed through into the bowl Usually my pipes cost 300-500 euros. Price depends firstly on pipe finish: smooth pipes cost more than sandblasted, straightgrain more than crossgrain.

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Bondarev Pipes Riga, Latvia Opened on
Oct 28, 2016