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Frequently Asked Questions

What's is PIPEHUB.COM?


We are a community of pipe collectors and pipe carvers who are collaborating together to give the pipe world a better way to shop for pipes.

How are you different than other websites?

We are similar in a few ways with other pipe sited and auction sites like ebay. However its not what we are similar in that excites our users, its how we are different! We have a few things in common with eBay such as being a community driven marketplace and that we give people the ability to basically own and operate their own virtual stores on PIPEHUB.COM. However that is about where the similarities stop. The pipe world deserves better than eBay! Where eBay is the virtual garage sale of the internet and is so unbelievable crowded with products ranging from candy to farm land, PIPEHUB.COM will only allow its members to sells certain pipe and pipe related products. This is the audience and the crowd that we will draw in and cater to! Furthermore, we strongly believe that having this beautiful community all under one roof rather than spread across the internet amongst an infinite number of other websites will allow this community and the art of piping to grow and thrive like never before! We have high quality control standards for the products we allow to be sold on PIPEHUB.COM. In order to better protect the piping community, we go as far as requiring all sellers on the platform to submit a “Seller Request Form” and be approved to sell their product on PIPEHUB.COM. This compared to eBay which has no quality monitoring, and so, it’s all basically left up to buyers to try their luck with whatever is up for auction that week and hope that they don’t get stuck buying something that belonged in the garbage rather than in a store online. This is not what the pipe buying and collecting experience is supposed to be! But have now fear! We are here to help! On that note, we work hand in hand with the carvers and manufacturers themselves to assure that buyers are protected from counterfeit items that are now unbelievably prevalent on eBay! Using the new authentication feature sellers can ask carvers and manufacturers to examine an item and verify its authenticity so that their customers can rest assured that they are buying a genuine item and not a forgery!